Fox News Lies (to get votes for billionaires) - white t-shirt

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The big daddy of lying conservative propaganda: Fox. Owned by conservative billionaire and activist Rupert Murdoch. While right-wing radio reaches more Americans, Fox does a lot to damage the country.

Break into the conservative propaganda bubble by wearing this shirt around proudly.

Script for comments you will get:
"But the 'liberal media'!"
Response: The right wing propaganda machine lies to Americans daily. Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity, Hewitt, Levin, Thiessen, Sinclair - they are all tools of GOP billionaires who lie to you to get votes for billionaires.

"But Democrats take money too"
No. The GOP is the party of billionaires. See how the Democrats voted to raise taxes to improve everyone's healthcare, while the first thing the GOP did after 2016 was to try to cut healthcare to allow
their billionaire donors a tax giveaway.


Fitted, comfortable, and soft – this t-shirt was made just for you. And it can withstand several washings while maintaining its shape, so it's great for everyday wear! Fitted shirt, if you have any doubts, size up.

• 100% fine jersey cotton
• Fabric weight: 4.3 oz (146 g/m2)
• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
• Double stitched
• Made in the USA

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